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Free health checks were provided on QHMS x HKYWCA Elderly Wellness Day

Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited (QHMS) organised “QHMS x HKYWCA Elderly Wellness Day” with the Association in mid-Oct, to provide free health screening for the HKYWCA’s senior members, and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Enrolled nurses from QHMS visited the Association’s elderly centres in Sai Wan and Tsing Yi, and conducted tests on blood pressure, blood lipid profile, blood glucose level, blood oxygen level and atrial fibrillation for the elderly. Instant reports and explanation were provided so that the elders could understand their own health situations. In case of unsatisfactory test results, advices were also given to suggest better habits and diets.

Besides the health checks, volunteers from QHMS joined a group of elders to make skin care products, including organic ginger soap, which can warm one’s body and is excellent for winter, and an ointment that can be a moisturiser, and cure for burns, frostbite, acnes, mosquito bites etc. Both products were environment friendly while keeping one’s skin healthy as they were made with natural ingredients, but not artificial chemicals. All participants were excited with the meaningful workshop and spent a happy afternoon together.

HKYWCA was thankful that QHMS made good use of its expertise to serve the community. Their enthusiastic participation in encouraging active ageing and green lifestyle is also highly appreciated.

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